Beautiful handmade bronze ornaments made by UK Sculptures and designers. All bronzes are produced using the lost wax method. Each bronze is decorated and finished using the traditional method of patination. 

    Everyone loves this little fellow. Sitting quietly in the sun, and possibly the most social of creatures. Having soft dense coat, and large ears, giving it brilliant hearing in all directions. An endearing quality of purring like a cat when content makes the bunny even more endearing! As a mother she gives birth after 30 days for up to 14 babies, what a hectic life it is to be a bunny.

    Handmade Minature Bunny 

    Height: 2.3cm

    Width: 2.3cm 

    Depth: 1.5cm 

    Weight: 14g

    Comes with a high quality cloth pouch, and within a Butler and Peach gift box

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