Multi Row Iolite Necklace

    Unusual one of a kind Beautiful hand made, Multi Row Iolite faceted bead necklace 

    The necklace has different shades of iolite

    Strung on sterling silver very strong magnetic clasp 

    Length: 18inches 

    Iolite has been used by shamans to enhance their ability to have clear visions. Some legends even say iolite strengthens eyesight. Other metaphysical beliefs hold that iolite promotes pure thoughts, intuition and self-acceptance

    In legends, ancient Viking navigators used thin slices of iolite as filters to help locate the sun on cloudy days. Whether or not the tales are true, iolite (mineralogists call it cordierite) can be fashioned into beautiful gems. Strongly pleochroic iolite has been incorrectly called “water sapphire,” as it can display a blue to violet hue in one direction and pale yellow to colourless in another.

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